Zakk Firefly Bluetooth Noise Cancellation Headset With LED Light


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  • RUN SAFELY AT NIGHT: ZAKK FIREFLY LED Earphones helps you to run, walk or jog safely at night. The LUMINATED CABLE design helps you to choose between 3 light modes: quick flash, steady flash and always on, making it compatible for RUNNING SAFELY in foggy winter nights or starry summer nights. So spring up in action with Firefly LED Earphones.
  • ACTIVE NOISE REDUCTION: The ZAKK FIREFLY has CSV 6.0 – Active noise cancellation technology which blocks unwanted sounds while you enjoy your music. The CSR Chipset used is state of the art technology which delivers perfect sound quality and helps enable clear communication without any interruption.
  • WATER RESISTANT & DURABLE: The ZAKK FIREFLY is made from high quality ABS material and is durable against sweat, rain and dust. The headset is designed according to top standards to sustain even the most intense workouts.
  • ANTI DROP DESIGN: The ZAKK FIREFLY locks into your ears securely and comfortably, without any hassle of slipping off from the ears. That’s precisely what Firefly LED Earphones are all about. The soft gel ear buds which come in 3 sizes deliver a powerful bass and treble for your daily exercises.
  • LONG LASTING BATTERY: The ZAKK FIREFLY LED Bluetooth headset is powered by a 100 mAh Li Ion battery. Enough juice to sustain a week’s workout. Up to 9 hours music playback time and the capability to sustain 8 hours of hands free calling.
Rs 999