Vodafone Message Center Number- Unable to Send SMS?


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Vodafone is one the most popular network in India. Most of the people are using SMS and sometimes they will facing issue with not sending SMS. If you are unable to send SMS for prepaid, postpaid or 4G. In this article, we will be revel solution for sending SMS. Follow these steps to resolve the Vodafone sending problem.

SMS not sending problem is really frustrating. Some users thinks sending not SMS problem is a network issue. But, It is not a problem with a network issue. So, they try again to send SMS but it will again fail to send SMS. This error is not a networking issue. It is due to the (SMSC) Short Message Service Center Problem. Generally, all message settings are default when you install SIM in your phone. But, it might be changing in the message setting which causes not sending SMS. Follow the below instructions to solve the issue in your phone.

How to Solve the Vodafone Message Center Number for not sending SMS?
  • First, go to your mobile settings. open it.
  • scroll down and then go to the system apps, open it.
  • There are many system apps options available, open the messaging app.
  • Choose the Additional Settings and open it.
  • Open the short message service center.
  • Put Vodafone locality mobile number in SMSC number.
  • Here, you get the Vodafone locality mobile number which you can put them into SMSC. Different States has different SMSC Number.

Below List has different States with different Vodafone Message center Number. check out now.

Andhra Pradesh +91 9885005444
Arunachal Pradesh Coming Soon
Assam +91 9706099990
Bihar +91 9706099990
Chattisgarh +91 9713099990
Chennai +91 9843000040
Delhi +91 9811009998
Goa Coming Soon
Gujarat +91 9825001002
Haryana +91 9839099999
Himachal Pradesh +91 9736009911
Jammu & Kashmir +91 9796009905
Jharkhand +91 9709099990
Karnataka +91 9886005444
Kerala +91 9846000040
Madhya Pradesh +91 9713099990
Mumbai +91 9820205446
Kolkata +91 9830099990
Mizoram Coming Soon
Nagaland Coming Soon
Odisha +91 9776099990
Punjab +91 9888009998
Rajasthan +91 9839099999
Telangana +91 9885005444
Tamil Nadu Coming Soon
Uttar Pradesh (UP WEST) +91 9719009998
Uttar Pradesh (UP EAST) +91 9839099999
West Bengal +91 9732099990

You can check SMSC number for your states. From the above list, check your states SMSC numbers and put in your locality state. If any problem related to this article, you can ask in the forum, we will be happy to help you. Register Now.
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