Upi Transaction Limit Per Day on Phonepe, Google pay, Paytm, Tez, Bhim


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Online pay is popular nowadays in India because of fast service and easy to make payment online. But UPI has made a limit for the transaction set by the NPCI. The limit will be per day is 1 lakh/day. The UPI has set a limit on the daily transaction. You cannot send the maximum amount permitted for one day. The limit will be 1 lakh per day for a single account. However, you can use another account to transaction 1 lakhs more. Thanks, UPI 2.0 has reached the maximum 2 lakhs per day limit.

The available apps online are phone pe, Google pay, Paytm, Tez, Bhim has set a limit of per day. Note: this limit is not applicable if you make a payment to the merchant. The limit is only for the Peer to Peer Transfers. You can pay 1 lakh more if needed after 24 hours.

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