PUBG Mobile game has banned in Surat and Rajkot


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PUBG Mobile game has been banned in Surat and Rajkot from 9 March to 30 April. It creates a negative impact on the mind and affect on the student's life. Rajkot Police controlling on playing the PUBG. Anyone can complain while founding playing the PUBG. If someone caught playing PUBG, they will be persecuted under section 188 at the central government act.

It affects on the student's life, they distract from their studies and parents are really worry about the future of their child that's why Police has banned on the PUBG.

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we don't know about the rumors happened in the Philippines. You can check the game on google play store. If it is available then your PUBG is not banned in your country. If it is not available then it will be banned by gov.