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Jio Phone is popular in India. Mostly in all states, Jio phones are using due to its unlimited Plans. Recently, the News is started trending on Google and social media about the new feature launched by Jio. It's called a Jio Phone Face lock app. From using the app you can unlock your device from your face. Just you need to install an APK File in your Jio phone and use this new special feature on your Jio phone.

The true fact is Jio phone does not support any APK File in the Jio phone. Because the Jio phone has KAI OS which is not supported any APK File in the phone. Also, the cost of Jio phone is only Rs 1500. The technology of Face Unlock is very costly. So, it will not be supported in the Jio phone.

If you want to make your phone secure, then you need to apply a passcode for locking a phone. Follow the steps to secure your device.
  • Go to settings> Privacy & Security
  • Select Screen Lock option in your mobile.
  • Enable screen lock and set the password and confirm your settings
  • That's it

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