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Jio is a popular network known for their free calling or unlimited data. Calling a phone is very common nowadays. Simple caller tune is really boring and simple to hear. Jio has launched a special caller tune for their customers. Jio is giving a free caller tune for their customers. It means there are no charges apply for using any Jio caller tune service in your phone. You can set yourself for your favorite one caller tune for callers. So, they will call you again and again.

How to apply free song list caller tune in JIO?

Apply For Song From Movie type MOVIE <MOVIE NAME> and send it 56789.
Apply For Song From Album type ALBUM <ALBUM NAME> and send it 56789.
Apply For Song From Specific Singer type SINGER <SINGER NAME> and send it 56789.

How to set JIO caller tune in your phone?
  1. Open the message box and type MOVIE AASHIQUI 2 and send it to 56789.
  2. Now you get options to choose one of them, Reply the song name i.e in the above case kyunki tum hi ho and send it.
  3. You will get another message. Reply message Y. You will get a message for activated caller tone in your phone.
Second step to set caller tune in JIO by using JioMusic App. Download here. Just open any of your favorite songs and there is an option to set JIO caller tune and tap on it. Your caller tune is activated in your phone. That's it.

Steps to deactivate caller tune in your mobile

  1. Send SMS STOP to 56789, Now will get a message
  2. Reply 1 for confirmation
  3. That's it.
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